Why I Left My Work as an Sculptor?

THE year was 1950. A mountain road winding down the middle of the fig tree , with manakanakang the clearing that provides majestic views . In a wonderful place at the top of the valley and possessed of woody dalislis stone , a small group ( including me) are on the gangplank . We Sinisinsel large chunk of rock collected to magkaanyo size of 15 meters ( 50 feet ) in height. A person begins to shape magkaanyo . But what did it become ? A statue or monument to Marquisard ( French soldiers ) who died in their battle against the Nazis. For this region, in the middle of Lyons and Geneva , to make southern French Jura Mountains , the scene of bloody battle during World War II.When I subsequently took a new profession . However touches my feelings are still there whenever I hear nagsisinsel . Why I left the inn with whom I work entertaining?

An Obsession From Childhood

My favorite memoirs from my childhood that I remember is that the time I spent making the model or drawing . I lead classes in art and handicraft or handicraft , which caused my registry Lyons Art School in 1945 , when I was 17 years old. There I learned different techniques involved in the art of sculpture . We were taught to make the facsimile of the ” Venus de Milo , ” the ” Nike ( or , Success ) of Samotrace , ” one of the slaves Michelangelo ‘s sculptures , and more. We also learned sculpture from living models. Normally it consists of making the clay model of the bust , the body or the whole body of the people. Read more…

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Drinking and Driving—What Can Be Done?

THE OCEANSIDE resort town of Southampton, New York, has declared war on drunk driving. What is part of the battle plan? The Designated Driver Program. How does it work? Under the program, when going out socially, individuals decide within their group who will be the driver for the evening. Many of the town’s bars and restaurants issue a “Designated Driver” button for those who are chosen.
Then what? Councilwoman Patricia Neumann, one of the promoters of the program, explained to Awake!: “The person wearing the button is entitled to free soft drinks for the evening on the premise that he or she will drive the others home.”
But that’s not all the town does. Councilwoman Neumann continues: “Every week, our local newspaper prints, in a rather prominent place, the name, age, and address of any person arrested for driving while intoxicated.” And the result? She adds: “Our roadblocks turned up fewer and fewer people who were driving while intoxicated. I think all three things together—the roadblocks, the printing of the names in the paper, and the Designated Driver Program—have helped.”That is what one town has done. Of course, while such efforts may be effective in reducing the number of fatalities, they by no means completely eliminate the problem. Meanwhile, what can you do to protect yourself and your family? Several things. Read more…

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Alcohol and You

‘Joe, I think you’ve had one too many,’ the host says.‘Who, me?’ Joe replies, slurring his words. ‘I can handle it!’‘Maybe so, but I suggest you have a cup of coffee before you drive home.’GOOD advice? Definitely not! Actually, if he’s had too much to drink, a cup of coffee will not make it safe for Joe to drive home; nor will a breath of fresh air, a cold shower, or exercise. Such things may make Joe more awake. But there’s only one thing that will help him to sober up—time. To understand this better, it is helpful to take a look at how your body handles alcohol.
How Alcohol Works
When you drink an alcoholic beverage, the alcohol is quite “anxious” to get into your bloodstream. Unlike other foods, it doesn’t need to be digested. Some 20 percent immediately passes into your bloodstream through the walls of your stomach. The rest is absorbed when it passes on to your small intestine.
The extent to which alcohol affects you depends upon how much it builds up in your bloodstream. And how quickly it builds up depends upon several factors:
(1) Amount of alcohol consumed: How much alcohol do you consume with a typical drink? Does a can of beer contain less alcohol than a shot of whiskey? Surprising as it may seem, the typical serving of beer, table wine, and 80-proof whiskey all contain about the same amount of alcohol—a little more than a half ounce (15 cc). Read more…

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Economics – The Dismal Science

RECESSION, depression, inflation, stagflation, zero growth, negative growth—all of these are dismal words used in what one man called “the dismal science” of economics. But what really lurks behind these intimidating terms? Does the science of economics have any solution to the problems most of us are facing?Lionel Robbins, an English economist, defined economics as “the science which studies human behaviour as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternate uses.”

All of us have “ends,” that is, things we need or want. And these “ends” are virtually limitless. On the other hand, our “means,” such as our income, are usually very limited.Take, for example, a man who sits down with his family for breakfast and finds that there is very little sugar to go with his coffee. He is now faced with an economic decision. How will their scarce “means” (the sugar) meet everyone’s “ends”? He may decide that everyone should take just a little. Or then again, he may decide that he wants it all. Mother, however, may want the sugar for cooking. So economic decisions are not solely the domain of an intellectual elite. Read more…

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Luther – A New Force in Unity ?

Normally one would expect that the 1st , 950th anniversary of a very important event will get more attention than 500 th anniversary of another event insignificant . However in 1983 , the 1st , 950 year anniversary of the death of Jesus Christ , the Founder of Christianity , is not nearly the attention of Christendom . However, not so much how about 500 th anniversary of the birth of one of his followers claim , Martin Luther . The anniversary of Luther has been paulong known in countries where living 70 million to the Lutheran in the world . When Luther Years numerous festivals, conferences and presentations were held , one here has performed over 600 drawings pictures , sculptures , drawings to graphics and documents .
NOT deny that Luther’s great impact on German culture , although perhaps less well known , however the outside Germany , than those he made ​​in religious history. Except Jesus Christ, the impacts are likely to be greater than any man on earth German speakers . The Neue Berliner Illustrierte of East Berlin , for example , states that ” changed Luther Bible translation intellectual life in Europe , formed the generation and determined their deliberation and decision . ” Read more…

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